Serge Moleon BLAISE



Serge M. Blaise was born on June 20, 1951 in Cap-Haitien. He did his primary studies at the Augustin Guillaume school

and his secondary studies up to fourth at the Lycée Philippe Guerrier in Cap-Haitien.


From his childhood, he liked to draw and at school already, his director encouraged him to continue. He puts him in touch

with Symour Bottex, brother of Jean-Baptiste Seymour painter too. This is how he enters their workshop

in 1969. More attracted to painting than Jean-Baptiste, he will follow the latter's advice, while seeking

its own way.

 Serge M. Blaise, in painting, seeks realism, hence the great importance given to drawing; attention to detail is taken to the extreme, the touch is fine, with great precision, the work of patience and observation. A painting by Blaise is striking with the accuracy and purity of the colors. Like his elders (Obin school), his characters are somewhat frozen.

 The favorite themes of Serge M. Blaise are the historical scenes taken from the glorious epic of independence.

Haiti or current affairs are likely to make history.





1983: Museum of Naive Art Anatole Jakowskky in Nice

1988: "Naive Art / Vodou" at the Grand Palais, Paris

He participated in the traveling exhibition: "The meeting of two worlds", seen by the painters of Haiti.