The first of a family of six children, Jhonny CINEUS was born on August 10, 1976, in Port-au-Prince in the district of Bel-Air. He grew up in a voodoo temple run by his parents: the lakou of "Mambo Chwazilia", his grandmother's sister. He attended the Pétion high school until the Seconde class and then devoted himself completely to his works.

Very young (10-12 years old), he was already imitating, with mud, the images he saw in the houmfort (Voodoo temple) of his parents.

Noticing his talent, a close cousin of the Fritzner DEVARECHE family, a voodoo priest, gives him cement to replace the mud. He provides him with all the necessary materials, sands, cements, gravel so that the works become more solid. At the age of 16, Jhonny CINEUS made his first play, a Saint-Jacques major. This work is purchased by the Swiss collector of voodoo objects, Marianne LEHMANN.

When he comes of age, Fritzner DEVARECHE organizes a meeting between the artist and Marianne LEHMANN. From this meeting, the collector purchases almost all of the artist's pieces.

Jhonny CINEUS is known for his sculptures. His works are often made of wood, mirrors, metal straps and fabrics. Freeing himself from the voodoo tradition, he develops a more personal universe. Despite the recognition he receives from Haitian collectors, he participates in few exhibitions.

In October 2017, he participated for the first time in the exhibition-auction organized between the Art Center and the PIASA auction house with his work "A Mirrored Cross. "

Today, the works of Jhonny CINEUS are among many Haitian and international private collections, including the Antoine de Galbert Collection, the Marianne Lehmann Collection, the Monnin Gallery ...

Jhonny CINEUS currently lives and works in Haiti.





  • 2018 : "Zodiac signs”, collective exhibition, Galerie Monnin, Petion-Ville, Haiti.
  • 2017: “PIASA to offer Haitian art, from 1940 up to now”, collective exhibition- sale, Paris.