Emilcar SIMIL



Simil was born in 1944 in St. Marc. He finished elementary school in St. Marc and high school in Port-au-Prince. From 1965 until 1971 he studied at the Academy of Beaux-Arts in Port-au-Prince, where he took courses in painting, sculpture, and art history. Since 1971 he has taught art history and aesthetics at the Academy of Beaux-Arts. He is also an honorary teacher at the private school Juan Vasques. In 1974, he traveled to the United States to meet American artists and visit major museums.

Simil was particularly influenced by Art nouveau and his favorite artist, Gustav Klimt. These influences are most obvious in his paintings of women. Like Bernard Sejourne, Simil delights in beauty, elegance, and grace. But instead of concentrating on pose, he uses his images of women only as vehicles for displaying pattern, color, and the sparkle of gold jewelry on black skin. Only recognizable as females by their contours, their features are not distinguished. There is a playfulness of line that is very different from Sejourne's emphasis on monumentality.
Emilcar Similien uses his images of women only as means for displaying patterns, color, and the sparkle of gold jewelry on black skin. He paints with acrylics on Masonite of any size. His surfaces are smooth and polished. Simil delights in beauty, elegance, and grace. He has been exhibiting since 1969 namely in Haiti, USA, Denmark.

As Art Critic, Gerald Alexis states in his book “Peintres Haitiens” ..well trained by masters who taught him to excel in his forms, Similien’s works also contain discrete messages” .




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1970- Haitian-American Institute
1971- Saon Dante Alighieri, Amb. d'Italie, Port-au-Prince
1972- Christ, Saut-d'Eau
1973- Anderson and Hopkins Gallery, Washington, D.C.
1974- Galerie Mehu, Petion-Ville
1974- Musee d'Art Haitien, Port-au-Prince
1976- Galerie Monnin, One Man Show, Port-au-Prince
1977- Martello Museum, Key West, Florida
1978- Galleriet, Copenhagen, Denmark
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1982- Exhibit Vorpal Gallery, San Francisco

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