Jean Emmanuel was born in Petite Rivière de l’Artibonite, Haiti on August 1st, 1965.

He studied painting with Saincilus Ismaël, master of the Petite Rivière school

Together with Eroll Louis, Carlos Jean-Baptiste, Michel Ange Altidort, Malherbe Tenay, Harold Louis Florexil, Jean Emmanuel is amongst the most talented who progressively will find its own style.

He is very successful in painting scenes of the countryside, as he is himself also a peasant.

In 1982, the Mapou Galery buys him his first paintings

Starting 1986 at the tender age of 21 years, with the departure of Jean-Claude Duvallier, he begins painting on political subjects  He pictures ambassadors, political leaders, elections with a humorous eye and often includes political, historical or biblical slogans.


Thanks to Boris Kravitz, one of his paintings was reproduced in the New York times.

In 1986, at the tender age of 21 years, he began to paint scenes that were inspired by actual political and social events.  His paintings are patterned and colorful.Emmanuel at the beginning was a talented painter doing beautiful renditions of life in the Artibonite.

After Papa Doc left in 1986 his paintings became more political and he sometimes added wise words to the paintings, inspirational slogans, and hopeful messages. He also does wonderful vodou inspired paintings.

He paints the ambassadors, the big eaters, the leaders of the moment, the elections with a mischievous look often embellished with politico-historical-biblical slogans. He also paints historical subjects.

In 1988, he left Haïti to live and work in Nassau, Bahamas.

He now lives again in Port-au-Prince. But often goes back to his gardening in Artibonite.His subjects now focus on democraty, peace, human rights, political events, justice, vaudou, and Haïtian history.

His house and workshop are damaged, and he has lost lots of basic things.



Beautiful positive images motivate me. I like to depict my country in my paintings for a better Haiti.


Because most of our politicians make our heads spin with their promises they never keep. 


When I come across dead bodies this makes me fear for my life. Myself, foreigners and tourists should not be scared, but because of this insecurity we are forced to be.


My state of mind is at ease when I hear all kids can go to school, eat, find healthcare, water and houses to sleep in.  My state of mind is uneasy when peoples’ human rights are not respected. My mind will be at peace when justice for all is the norm.






  • 2018: Galerie Monnin, Petion-Ville, Haiti.
  • 2006, 2005, 2004 : French Lycée
  • 2004 : College St Pierre Museum
  • 2000: Galerie Monnin, Petion-Ville, Haiti.
  • 1998: Artistic Residency, Nassau, Bahamas.
  • 1986 : Miami, Florida
  • 1982: Galerie Mapou, Port-au-Prince, Haiti.