Lilika Papagrigoriou is a Greek painter born in Athens and currently living and working in Haiti since 2007. “Ever since I visited Haiti, I directly sensed a big similarity between my native country Greece and Haiti, going all the way back to Greek Mythology, comparing it to Haitian Voodoo. With my art I am aiming to profoundly touch the audience, while I’m widely exposing my soul.’ Papagrigoriou has made several expositions in Haiti and abroad, including Galerie Monnin, Galerie Marassa, Centre d’Arts, European Union, Miami Art Basel and several private exhibitions. ‘While creating art, you expose yourself, your deepest emotions, your love, your worries, your darkness, your dreams, your passion and suddenly...the creation becomes alive...the heart conquers the brain ... you no longer look at a painting ... you are looking inside a mirror, staring at your inner self . . . magic comes. And the dance begins!”.  Papagrigoriou lives and works in Port-au-Prince.