Fritzner LAMOUR

Q&A with the haitian Painter : Fritzner LAMOUR
March 25, 2022
Fritzner LAMOUR
Fritzner LAMOUR

We had the pleasure to welcome the Haitian painter Fritzner LAMOUR for a quick Q&A interview in which he opened up about his life, his paintings, his inspiration and his relationship as an artist with Galerie Monnin.


the Q&A interview went as followS


Fritzner Lamour: My name is Fritzner Lamour, I am a painter and I was born in Jacmel, Haiti.

I was born December 4th, 1950, and I started painting in 1972 for Galerie Monnin.

I began with Red Carpet (Andou???). After Andou passed away I continued with Michel Monnin because my friend, Prefète Duffaut a well known painter, was there.  I still continue to work with the children of Michel Monnin even after the death of my friend Michel.


Interviewer : 

Can you tell us what subjects you cover in your paintings ?

 LAMOUR: Well my subjects are personified animals.  It is the concept where you take an animal and make it look and do human tasks.

I got the idea from Jacmel carnival.  I noticed how people made animal head masks and performed with them.  I said I could do something with that. Take the rooster as an example.  It could kill somebody so i took the rooster with it’s body shape and personified it.


Interviewer : What was your journey to get to Galerie Monnin?

LAMOUR: I went to Galerie Monnin in 1972,  and there I met Michel Monnin and we got along.


Interviewer : What is the source of your inspiration?

LAMOUR: Well my source of inspiration are animals, nothing more.


Interviewer : What does Galerie Monnin represent to you?

LAMOUR: Galerie Monnin is my wellspring.  I don't have any other besides Galerie Monnin. When I found Galerie Monnin I never sold my artworks anywhere else.  I used to sell some of my artworks to Nader, the son, but that didn't last long.


Interviewer : Can you tell us which exhibition meant a lot to you?

LAMOUR: The exhibition that meant more to me was the one I did in France.

Interviewer: Was it with Galerie Monnin?

LAMOUR: No it wasn't but the exhibition was made with artworks I sold to Galerie Monnin.  The Galerie had loaned the paintings to a client and the client agreed to loan them back to me with the help of Michel Monnin for the exhibition.

The loaner of the paintings asked me if I wanted to go to France for an exhibition and I said yes.  I stayed about a week.


Interviewer : What friend do you talk about your paintings with?

LAMOUR: One friend I used to discuss my paintings with was Célestin Faustin but sadly he passed away.  I really appreciated his singularity.  Also I had another friend Saint Louis Blaise (another famous Haitian painter) who also passed away. I really admired his suggestions and how beautifully he painted.  I don’t have other artist friends.


Interviewer: What painting techniques do you use in your paintings?

LAMOUR: I use oil on canvas. 


Interviewer: Who was your art teacher?

LAMOUR: Préfète Duffaut was my teacher, he helped me a lot. I used to freestyle and draw some lines but I didn't know anything about painting.

I used to go to school with Duffaut’s child and he asked me one day if I wanted to learn how to paint with his father to which I replied : I have to ask my parents about it first and he said okay.

When I told my parents about it they said it would be better if I stay in school rather than learn painting which I understood at that time.

My friend (Duffaut’s child) told his father about it, and Duffaut personally came to talk to my parents to get their permission but they refused.   I had to tell Duffaut he could go to Port-au-Prince without me and I would visit him later which I did.


Interviewer: What other painters inspire you?

LAMOUR: I don't really have a lot.   The ones who inspired me I already told you about them but they sadly passed away.


Interviewer: Among the 5 senses you have which is the most important to you?

LAMOUR: I can't really tell (smiles).


Interviewer: What is your relationship with nature?

LAMOUR: I get closer to nature when I am in Jacmel.  Raymond Les Bains is one of my favorite places, also Lafond because i am from Lafond and my parents also. 


Interviewer: What advice would you give a young aspiring painter today?

LAMOUR: I would tell them to always draw, draw daily, painting is not really an art but you have to get a teacher to help you learn this.


Interviewer: What importance does art has in your life?

LAMOUR: Well art is like my mother or my father, it's everything to me.

Interviewer: what does art bring into your life?

LAMOUR: It brings a lot, I can't really express all of it but it does everything for me.  Art gave me everything I have today.


Interviewer: Thank you for the visit Mr. Fritzner LAMOUR, we were delighted  to have you with us today for this Q&A.


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You can watch the complete Q&A interview on our Youtube channel linked below.


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